Semalt Expert - Tips On How To Stop Google From Crawling Your WordPress Website

Blocking search engines from indexing your website temporarily until you are past the development phase is of uttermost importance when it comes to online marketing. As a website owner, your primary aim is to get Google index your website and rank high in the algorithms as early as possible.

After installing your WordPress, stopping Google from crawling your site is the first thing you should do. The early stage of developing your website can get messy and ruin your future endeavors on working as a marketing consultant. The first thing that hits most of the webmasters minds after starting the process of developing websites is driving traffic and inviting bots and crawlers to index their sites.

How do you block search engines and stop Google from crawling your site? This is a question that hits the minds of many webmasters.

Igor Gamanenko, a top expert from Semalt, provides here some tips and hints on how to stop search engines and Google from crawling your site temporarily to pave way your websites' development.

Using password to protect your site through cPanel

The importance of protecting your new website with a password and stop Google from crawling it can be emphasized well enough. You don't want search engines to ruin your website at the development phase. As a website owner, you can easily protect your registry files from your cPanel dashboard. Web crawlers such as Google fail to index and access registry files protected by a password. To password-protect your file;

a) Start your cPanel account and select the 'Password Protect Directories'

b)Open your accounts 'Home directory' and click 'Go.'

c) Select the location where your WordPress is installed

d) Select through the 'Password protect this directory' and type a name of the directory to be protected in the next box. Click on the 'Save' button

e) After receiving a success code, go back to the dashboard and create a new username and password. Click on 'modify authorized user/add' to temporarily stop Google from crawling your site

Using Robots.txt File to block search engines

To block other search engines and Google from crawling an indexing your website, manually generate and upload your generated robots.txt file to your site's directory and instruct search engines and Google not to index your website.

The other alternative is to use the inbuilt feature on your installed WordPress to instruct search engines on not to crawl your website. To execute this;

a) Open your WordPress dashboard and click on 'Settings,' then select 'Reading.'

b) Select on 'Discourage search engines from indexing this website' and click on 'Save Changes' to block all search engines from crawling your website temporarily.

Password-protect your website using a WordPress plugin

As a webmaster, you can use a WordPress plugin to stop Google from crawling your site. However, it is advisable to use an updated plugin to achieve effective results. Activate your plugin and click on 'Settings.' Start your plugin and set your new password. Click on 'Save Changes' button to block search engines from crawling on your site.

Keeping your website records and statistics safe is of utmost importance when it comes to digital marketing. Blocking Google search engine from crawling and indexing your website gives you ample time to develop it and achieve clean data in real time. Use the above-listed tips to stop Google and other search engines from indexing your site temporarily.